Easter in Corfu 2019

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Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 07:05 am

FIRST RESURRECTION 2019, outside Captain Octopus

See below the custom of the First Resurrection which takes place every Great Saturday at around 11 o’clock in the morning, every house or anyone in Corfu can smash some pots at the right time.

Easter in Corfu at Liston
Easter in Corfu at Liston

This year Corfu celebrates the biggest celebration of the Orthodox faith on Sunday 28th of  April.

It is the well-known Easter of Corfu which this year is expected to fill the island with a huge number of visitors and to keep alive for two weeks the festive atmosphere that is getting better year after year.

Thus, celebrations with all the customs that attract enormous interest will begin on Palm Sunday, April 21st, to culminate on Friday with the epitaphs, the Great Saturday with Resurrection at midnight in the largest square in Europe Esplanade, and on Easter Sunday with the big feast, continuing until Sunday of Thomas at 5th of May, when the weather will be like summer already.

The first week of May also may be appropriate for visits to the many beautiful beaches of Corfu.

For the most important events and customs of Corfu Easter see here and here for many photos from the celebrations of previous years.

Spring Corfu once again awaits this year’s loyal friends of Greece’s top Easter celebrations.

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Easter in Corfu 2019


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