Angsana Corfu Hotel: A Luxury Resort in Benitses

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Angsana Corfu hotel in Benitses is the new 5-star hotel that supposed to be open since last May but it still not ready yet…

It will be in the place of the closed at 2008 San Stefano hotel which belonged to the Manesis family and since 2008 is owned by the Kerschikov group.

It takes the name of the Angsana Hotels and Resorts chain belonging to the Banyan Tree Group, which apparently cooperates with the Kerschikov group and it is constructed by KLC III Hellas … etc, etc …

In January 2018 a message or a reputation came out, no one knows the reason, that it will open on Easter of 2018, this rumor was reproduced by many websites, turning it into reality.

Some photos were also released, which shouted from far away that they were … mock-ups!

However Easter and the summer too have gone, and we still not see any Angsana hotel opening.

We did not mention anything then about the grand opening in January of 2018 because we knew the pour progress of the works, Instead of villas and luxury apartments on the slopes of the mountain there are only roads that are still opened and still no sign of the buildings, and this situation is going on up to now, October 2018.

We also knew that the building in the main hotel unit was not ready yet.

So, when Angsana hotel will finally open?

Sort answer: When it is ready.

According to the Banyan tree group’s official website and our reliable information sources, it will open in the first quarter of 2019, around the busy Easter season in Corfu.

Of course, when it opens it will be a luxurious hotel of huge dimensions since apart from the main building, which is in fact located in the place of the old one that was maintained and simply expanded, there will be luxurious villas or apartments independently and isolated from one another, scattered all over the eastern side of the mountain on the west side of which lies the village of Gastouri and in the north the Achilleion palace

We do not know what impact this will have on the natural environment, nor can we know whether the existence of such a hotel will be in the interest of the local tourist economy because we should not forget that it is an all-inclusive hotel.

All this will be seen when it opens because the only thing that has been done so far is the eradication of trees and roads opened.

Of course, the name is not attractive, is impersonal and totally strange with the landscape and, above all the area`s history, unlike the old San Stefano hotel name which would certainly give better prestige and wake up memories of good old times for the region, but so it seems to call this group all its hotels and we can say no more.

Check out these … mock-ups photos, in a few days we’ll add some real photos as well.

Captain Octopus: Seafood Restaurant in Benitses Corfu

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When tradition meets quality we have an amazing result in the restaurant – taverna of Captain Octopus.

Corfiot cuisine without interference in its purest form.

This is the restaurant – taverna of Captain Octopus in Benitses, Corfu

Captain Octopus sea food restaurant in Benitses Corfu
Captain Octopus sea food restaurant in Benitses Corfu

Captain Octopus Restaurant – taverna

The story begins somewhere in 1935, when Grandfather Antonis, a great fisherman of Benitses area, decided to create his own restaurant – kafe to invite his friends to eat the fresh fish, but also a lot of mezedes made by Granny Aspasia who was an amazing cook.

That is how the magical journey started and continued up to today with the third generation of the current Captain Octopus.

The Philosophy of the Captain is to cook the same way his grandparents did.

The main ingredient of the captain’s kitchen is virgin olive oil and pure spices, all carefully selected with love.

In our Traditional Corfu-flavored cuisine, the lovely Pastitsada with octopus or beef cheeks is always freshly cooked in our saucepans.

Fish either wild or farmed are always carefully selected with criteria of the best quality.

Squid is crispy and soft as the culinary laws stipulate to accompany the ouzo or the local wine which the captain makes for his guests each year.

The Family Atmosphere is the characteristic of Captain Octopus because there are no clients but guests in his home.

The good Greek music and even the dancing are basic components of the atmosphere of the restaurant.

The guests at Captain Octopus Taverna are invited to feel the Greek flavors in their palate and to get to know the Greek hospitality and culture for which the Captain feels proud.

The menu of Captain Octopus

What Our clients say about us

star rating  We casually walked into Benitses for dinner and was instantly greeted by the owners of Captain Octopusl, who thoroughly explained the menu and made us feel very welcome. We relaxed,... read more

avatar thumb Will0898
July 20, 2021

star rating  The best Carbonara of my Life !!
The boss and thé team are great.
You can try and enjoy this amazing restaurant in Benitses
Trust me !

avatar thumb laurentfD3166MN
August 13, 2021

star rating  Charming place, excellent food, and incredible service. A family business where you feel at home and have a real experience of the cuisine of Corfu. My husband and friends had... read more

avatar thumb Manu_Fava11
September 22, 2020

star rating  Great Food, nice and friendly people, authentic experience. Family run restaurant, strongly recommend it! Seafood is amazing here.

avatar thumb s_ral
June 29, 2021

star rating  Captain Octopus offers the best of welcome and advice. Good food at good prices. Captain Octopus also has the best beard in Corfu. You can’t go wrong here. Lovely place,... read more

avatar thumb Siencyn
September 16, 2019

star rating  Really enjoyed our meal, beautiful fresh Calamari, and the Slovaki was delicious. The complimentary creme brulee topped off the evening.

avatar thumb Sharron K
July 22, 2020

star rating  Decided to come to Benitses and found this lovely restaurant run by Betty and Alekos who are really lovely hosts. We have now been back 3 times and have to... read more

avatar thumb BicesterQPR
May 27, 2019

star rating  We were almost pushed by a Lady outside of the restaurant to go in , she said stuff like “the food is so amazing that I get goosebumps just by... read more

avatar thumb E1915E
June 27, 2021

star rating  Fantastic service. Amazing shrimp spaghetti and great mixed grill kebab. Highly recommend despite the price. It’s a bit pricey but you get more than what you pay for.

avatar thumb nasha718
August 11, 2019

star rating  Though they had beautiful table linen the food itself wasn't very good. We threw the octopus for the stray cat that was begging under our table. I'm pretty sure the... read more

avatar thumb Guy_Kokken
May 8, 2019

star rating  Basic food and service. Not the best, not the worst. The service is ok and the food and wine was ok too.

avatar thumb superanuska
September 4, 2021

star rating  Best calamari on the island. Try the Mix Fish dish it's gorgeous. Lovely service and watch out for the cat called Whisky, she's a cutie !

avatar thumb RuxiNick
September 12, 2019

star rating  Nice family restaurant with cosy atmosphere and good food. Their lemon cake is super tasty. Friendly service and huge portions.

avatar thumb karmelik2016
May 27, 2019

star rating  Probably the nicest and most helpful restaurant owners we we've ever encountered. The wife explained to us about different local dishes before we sat at the restaurant and at no... read more

avatar thumb xanthod
August 9, 2020

star rating  Really nice (family owned and run) place to visit. We found it by a chance. It was very fortunate for Us. Food was amazingly fresh, prepared just as you order,... read more

avatar thumb Adrian D
July 22, 2020

star rating  The restaurant owners are always kind, professional and friendly they have a good variety of tasty traditional dishes and on every visit me and my other half made the food... read more

avatar thumb Marleyandleoni
July 3, 2019
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Mon Repos: Corfu Palace in Paleopolis

Last updated on February 16th, 2022 at 11:13 pm

Mon Repos Palace is a neoclassical building in the east part of Paleopolis, Corfu’s ancient city.

Built in 1830 by the British Commissioner Sir Frederick Adam at the beginning of the peninsula of Kanoni opposite the ruins of Paleopolis. A nice building but not as big and magnificent as the Achilleion palace.

It has well-laid out gardens surrounded by the old Greek monuments of ancient Corfu and spectacular sea views of all the eastern coast of Corfu island.

Sir Frederick Antam was one of the most sympathetic commissioners of the Ionian Islands, as he did many infrastructure projects, including this building in Corfu as a gift to his Corfiot wife Nina Palatianos.

Later and throughout British rule, the palace was used as a summer residence for the commissioner in charge.

According to the union treaty of the Ionian Islands with Greece, the building was to be given for use by the Greek royal family.

And indeed, After the union with Greece in 1864, Mon Repos was used as their summer residence, until the abolition of the Greek monarchy in 1973, when the Greek government considered the palace as public property and turned it into a museum.

The former royal family appealed to European courts, considering this area and two others north of Athens as its property, but all it managed was a small compensation and the issue is finally closed.

Worth mentioning that Prince Philip of Greece, later Duke of Edinburgh, and husband of Queen Elizabeth II, was born here on June, 10th, 1921. But except for a front plaque at the entrance, there is nothing else in the building to relate it with his birth.

Mon Repos Corfu as a Museum

Today Mon Repos palace belongs to the Greek state and it is used by the Municipality of Corfu, mainly for authoritative or festive meetings.

Mon Repos has been transformed into a museum and a historic place with a large park full of archaeological treasures that can be visited by all.

It is an ideal place for pleasant walks under the shade of very large and old trees.

One of the museum’s most interesting exhibitions in the collection of old Corfu photographs, most interesting and informative.

This museum is open to the public on weekdays from 8 am to 7 pm for a small fee of 4€ while there is usually no charge on weekends.

Also, you can buy a combined ticket which includes visits to Mon Repos, to the Asian museum of art in Corfu town, to Achilleion palace, and some other places simultaneously.

There are buses connecting Paleopolis with Corfu town every 40 minutes but the distance is small and can be made on foot in just 15 minutes.

The telephone number for further details is +30 26610 41369.

History of Corfu – Union with Greece and Modern Times

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Last updated on January 12th, 2022 at 11:55 pm

The Union with Greece at 21st May 1864

Newspaper of 1864 about the Union of the Ionian Islands
Newspaper of 1864 about the Union of the Ionian Islands

On the 21st of May 1864, the British ruled Corfu and together with all the Ionian Islands, following the London Agreement and the Ionian Parliament’s resolution, united with Greece.

In fact, it was a gift of the British crown to the new King of Greece George A ‘.

The London Agreement was made in accordance with the requirements of British diplomacy and the agreement of the then great powers, while Greece did not even participate in the talks.

And the vote in the Ionian Parliament was more symbolic than essential, the decision was taken.

The Agreement for the delivery of the Ionian Islands provided some very severe conditions for Greece, which undertook and agreed to pay any compensation to foreign governments, companies, and individuals.

There were also disagreements and unrest because of the fear that the Ionian Islands would lose their good financial position by joining a poor state.

The opposition of many of the Eptansians to the Union was well known, especially in Kefalonia and some Corfu villages.

It was one of the most important turning points in the history of Corfu, the turbulent historical past of the island ended, so ends the prominence of Corfu as the capital of the Ionian state.

Shield commemorating 50 years of Union
Shield commemorating 50 years of Union

The consequences

Since then the historical course of Corfu and the Ionian islands is common with Greece.

The newly established Greek state could not afford the existence of two centres of economic and cultural strength, so in the battle with Athens Corfu lost and after just 40 years became a Greek provincial town.

This was done by removing from the islands many important infrastructures, such as the power plants of Corfu transferred to Piraeus, the closure of the Ionian University, the abolition of the Ionian Parliament along with the degradation of its building, important changes in the prosperous banking system of the Ionian islands and many more.

In conclusion and after a few years it was obvious that the union was disastrous, especially for Corfu, which from a thriving former capital became one of the poorest and most neglected areas of Greece.

The modern times

It was much later in the 20th century when, due to the natural beauty, the fertile soil, the rich cultural heritage and the energy of the Corfiots, the island recovered initially with a flourishing of the local industry based on agricultural and livestock products and later with the booming of the tourism industry.

Today, although in the midst of the economic crisis unfairly and maliciously imposed on Greece, Corfu is always, at least financially, a step above the rest of Greece.

The island’s economy is now almost entirely based on tourism, but the island has great potential to support its economy in other areas too. Its rich soil and resources are more than enough to support any other economic activity.

Corfu has always retained its unique identity, this helped the memories of the past to remain and strengthen, and they are the ones that make Corfu unique, a Greek island that does not look like the others.

Fair Deal Car Rentals in Corfu

Last updated on February 18th, 2022 at 01:15 am

Fair deal car rentals
Fair deal car rentals

Fair deal car rentals is established since 1972, DIRECT HIRE NOT A BROKER with offices at Corfu airport and on the main road of Dassia.

At -Fair Deal car hire you can find a long range of all car types, small economy, compact, station wagon, SUV, 7 seaters and 9 seater cars.
Our gain is all our customers to get exactly what they need and be happy with our service.

Our service offers free kilometers, No excess insurance, 2nd driver free, NO open credit card taken, and NO commission for credit card payments.

At Fair Deal Corfu rent a car company we can deliver anywhere on Corfu island you wish, such as Corfu airport, Corfu port, Corfu town, Benitses, Dassia, Barbati, Paleokastritsa, Nissaki, Kassiopi, Sidari, Acharavi and many others.
Also, we deliver at all hotels, studios, and villas of Corfu island.

So, with only three very simple steps you can quote and send your online reservation at

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