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10 Top Corfu beaches

Last updated on 9th August, 2017 at 02:52 pm

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Can we distinguish the 10 top beaches in Corfu?

On an island where anywhere the sea meets the shore there is a beach, it seems almost impossible to choose and present the beaches standing above the others.

So we should set some criteria, as objective as possible, to be able to make this presentation.

What to look for? The natural beauty, the recognizability or, on the contrary, its tranquility, the cleanliness of the water, the ease of access, the facilities and infrastructures offered, the sand and gravel beach, and many others that constitute a long list of criteria.

So we will try to present, in our subjective opinion, the best 10 beaches of Corfu, which is a special challenge and will surely offend many other beautiful places.

Finally In order to be as objective as possible and to avoid injustice, we have decided to leave the choice to you.

The choice is yours.

Because we will not be completely objective anyway, we have decided to relay on your opinion.

We suggest that you vote about the best beach, you can use more that one vote but only once.

To see the results you must vote.

Select the beaches you think the best and then click the VOTE button

The voting will continue until 31th of August 2017.

Then the poll form will be replaced by the first 10 beaches according to the result, all with descriptions and photos or videos with the first beach on the top followed by the rest.

As you can see, there are two polls, one on the Greek page and one on the English, with the results so far differing significantly.

We could add the votes and get the results out of the total votes, but because those who voted on the English page are far less, that would not de fair.

So the ranking will be decided by the percentages rather than the number of votes.

One example, a beach has 20% at one poll and 10% on the other, so it will have 20+10/2=15% final and the beach with the highest percentage will be the top.

Vote everybody, it’s easy and no registration is needed, hurry up until the end of August, so we will have a large sample, more representative as possible, and therefore a more objective result.