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Sidari Beach and Holiday Resort at North Corfu

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Sidari resort with strange rock formations and the Canal d`amour

Sidari resort
Sidari resort

Sidari resort, one of todays largest tourist destinations on the island lies on the north and west coast of Corfu.

Looking out to sea the islands of Erikoussa, Othoni and Mathraki can be seen, and regular boat trips can be enjoyed, giving the visitor a chance to explore them- the Diapontia islands, belonging to Greece but set on the way to Italy.

Not so long ago Sidari was a tiny hamlet set on a long stretch of golden sand, but it is now a town, offering many and varied delights for the holidaymaker.

Its main street is lined with bars and tavernas offering everything from ‘karaoke’ to Greek music, and food is on offer from most parts of the world.

The beaches

Of course daytime activities revolve around the beach, one of Corfu’s longest and loveliest, which slopes gently into the sea, making this an ideal place for children to learn to swim, and, when they tire of the water, to make sandcastles and play on the firm sand.

A gentle stroll along the coast brings the visitor to the famous Canal d’Amour, where people can swim through an archway of sand into the open sea beyond.

Rocks at Sidari Corfu
Rocks at Sidari Corfu

The hinterland and neighboring places

Sidari has close links to its neighbors- Arillas, and Agios Stefanos- and buses go between the three resorts, giving the visitor more variety. Most people who come here however go for the sun and sand by day and the lively nightlife after dark and do not stir far away!

Going inland the coastal development soon gives way to small farms as the land here is very fertile. The animals graze, grapes are tended, often by the older generation who have been doing this all their lives. It is strange to imagine their lives, close to the soil and reliant on weather for their crops, and contrasting them with those of their grandchildren, now working in bars and tavernas, or, as educational opportunities have expended so spectacularly in the last 30 years, studying abroad for a profession.

At least once during their stay in Sidari people go to the nearby village of Peroulades to enjoy the spectacular sunset view from the top of the cliff there. This attracts people from far away, who sit sipping a drink watchintg the great golden sun sink into the blue sea.

The village itself repays exploring, there are some superb old buildings there. , It was here and in Avliotes, where the people of Sidari lived in the in days gone by when seaside houses were only occupied in summer.

What is the resort for

Sidari is an ideal choice for those wanting to relax, enjoy the sun and sea, and have a chance to eat out in a different place every evening.
Also for young people looking for fun as the nightlife here offers many options.

Whilst it is well placed for exploring the north and north west of the island it is not an ideal base for those wishing to venture further afield, as it is about as far from Corfu Town as it is possible to be, and to explore the rest of Corfu on public transport you have to go there first.

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