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A Letter from Coronavirus to Humanity

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Last updated on June 14th, 2020 at 09:19 am

Hi people, I’m COVID-19.

Many of you simply know me as Coronavirus. So yes. I’m SARS-CoV-2 and this is my message to Humanity.

I am the enemy of your vanity!

Forgive me for not informing you in a timely manner, but I know when I will arrive, in what form and with what power I will hit you.

Why am I here?

Let’s say I’m here because I’m tired of seeing you go backward instead of progressing.

I was tired of seeing you constantly being destroyed by your own hands.

I’m tired of the way you treat and destroy your planet.

I am tired of your incomprehensible obsession with everlasting growth, growth at the expense of the environment, depletion of the planet’s natural resources, and excessive carbon dioxide that disrupt the climate and cause natural disasters.

I’m tired of the way you treat each other.

I’m tired of your abuses, the violence you carry out, the wars, your interpersonal conflicts, and your superstitions.

I’m tired of seeing you being jealous of social looks, your skills, your hypocrisy, and your selfishness.

I’m tired of the little time you spend with your families.

I’m tired of the lack of attention for your children. I’m tired of how shallow you are.

I’m tired of the importance you often give to superficial things at the expense of the important.

I’m tired of your pathetic and endless search for the best dress, the latest smartphone model, and the most expensive car just to satisfy your vanity.

I’m tired of your scams. I’m tired of the propaganda in your media. I’m tired of the insufficient time you spend to communicate with each other.

I am tired of your constant complaints while doing absolutely nothing to improve your lives. I’m tired of seeing you in disagreements and bickering over trivial occasions.

I am tired of the constant skirmishes between those who govern you, I am tired of your wrong choices of those who govern you.

I am tired of seeing people muttering and even killing for a football match.

I know … I’ll be tough with you. Maybe more than enough, but I don’t stand out.

I’m a virus.

My action will cost you lives, many lives, cause I want you to understand once and for all that you have to change course … For your own good.

The message I have to give you is simple.

I wanted to emphasize that the society you have created is wrong, so you must change it.

I wanted to pause everything to force you to understand that the only important thing you have to deal with your soul from here and onwards is the following: Human and life. Yours and your children’s.

And that they really need to be protected, embraced, and shared.

I wanted you as confined and isolated as possible in your homes, away from parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren.

To be able to understand how important a hug is, a human contact, a conversation, a handshake, a night out with friends, a walk, a dinner in a restaurant, a run in the park in the open.

From these images, everything has to start all over again.

Bring down racism, divisions between you, ignore the religions that fuel hate and wars, let go of stupid nationalisms, I had shown you that you are all the same, still not seeing it?

Do not discriminate between you.

Respect the planet that hosts you, the resources it provides are more than enough and surplus for you to live all rich, share the wealth of the earth, I will not forgive you next time unless you take away the wealth of the few to share it with you all.

You will have no other chance if I find humanity again with children starving and dying, with innocents being killed in futile wars, with uprooted refugees looking for a new home, with homeless people, with starving people, with exploitation, misery and social inequality.

The wealth that your work generates should not be concentrated in the hands of the few but used to protect the planet and the lives of yours and all other species, to provide everyone with a comfortable life without anxiety and uncertainty about the future, to be channeled into scientific research on cures for serious diseases rather than weapons of death and destruction.

You are the rulers of the planet and you must take care to keep it alive.

I have shown you that there are no distances. Although so small and invisible I traveled thousands of miles and I am everywhere in no time.

I am a passerby, but the feelings of solidarity and cooperation that I have created in your hearts in a short period of time should last forever.

Live your life in a simpler way, Walk. Breathe free. Help those in need because the good will always be returned to you.

Enjoy and respect nature.

Do whatever please you and fill you up and create the conditions that will allow you not to be afraid for the future.

I’ll stay with you as long as needed, When you start the celebrations it will be because I ‘ve gone.

But remember, don’t try to be better people only as long as I am present because I will come back mutated and stronger.



This letter was written by Danilo Calabrese
With many additions by Antonio Tirospanacoli


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    Irritating article! Very insensitive, especially towards victims of this human made virus. Attacking religion although speaking like a true pagan.

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