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Pie Cutting of Football Club Benitses

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Last updated on October 10th, 2023 at 09:49 am

Monday 17-2-2014

On Monday at 6 pm the Athletic Football Association of Benitses cut the New Years’ pie in the Community’s building Hall.
People were more than any expectation and so showed their support to the team.
In the crowded room the club’s president George Kapsokavadis spoke first and analyzed the great progress of the team during the last two years, he mentioned all achievements of the club and announced his ambitious plans for the future.

The team was reactivated last year after many years of inactivity and managed to go up a league and this year is going equally well and is very close to win It’s anode to the First local league.
President requested everybody’s support and participation for the benefit of the team and promises to do his best.

The event was attended by many officials who spoke and send their greetings: the chairman of the Corfu football clubs federation Mr. Andreas Probatas, the vice president of Corfu referees union Mr. Chrysanthos Tsagaropoulos, Mr. Babis Arvanitakis president of coaches association, the Benitses Mayor Mr. George Spinoulas, the goalkeeper of the team Ntaekos as representative of the players and finally the priest of Benitses parish who wished to all the best for the new year.

Followed a lottery draw with prizes a 42-inch TV and other gifts and the ceremony ended with the cutting of the pie.
From what we saw the support to the team by the locals is huge and we believe that in the future will become even greater.

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Pie Cutting of Football Club Benitses


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