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Disasters in Benitses Due to Heavy Rain of November 17, 2010

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Last updated on May 29th, 2022 at 11:23 pm

The flood in Benitses at 17-11-2010

On the evening of 16th-17th November 2010 in Corfu, the heavens opened, and the quantity of water that fell within 2 hours far exceeded the 150 mm, which was the total rainfall in some other areas throughout the year.

This, coupled with the unregulated changes made to the environment following the rerouting of the river developments that had been made in recent years along its course, caused the river to overflow so that parked cars drifted away, homes and basements flooded, and generally caused damage seen for the first time our region.

An important role in blocking the free flow of water in the river was played by the sanitation and water pipes which held large amounts of wood and other rubbish, and so the water flooded with these catastrophic results.
In the video below we see typical scenes after the rain, cars carried away and crushed, bikes in the sea, flooded houses, and uneven flooded streets.