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Water Sports and Sailing Holidays in Corfu


Last updated on May 2nd, 2021 at 11:05 pm

Corfu is the greenest island in the Ionian Sea and one of the most beautiful places in Greece.

One of the most densely populated islands in the Mediterranean with the densest road network, Corfu was the first to open its gates to tourism long before other destinations were developed.

During your vacation in Corfu there is plenty to do, enjoy, see, and visit.

Lively non-stop nightlife resorts, perfect for anyone who needs days to explore and admire.

Countless lively beaches with emerald and crystal clear waters surrounded by cypress and lush vegetation.

Hidden seaside paradises with little or no tourist development for lovers of seclusion, idyllic places for romantics.

Corfu’s old town, full of vibrant colors and small alleys between tall medieval buildings, will make you feel like you’re in another age.

Its unique cultural heritage has left monuments and sights of unique beauty that are not found elsewhere, it gives the visitor a different feel with its different architecture and color from the other islands.

There are also many resorts on this lovely island.

There are picturesque mountain villages that look like time has stopped, to cosmopolitan tourist resorts with huge hotel units providing all the amenities, with a lot of tourist traffic and a vibrant nightlife, all these had made Corfu a global tourist attraction.

And people are always friendly and willing to make you feel at home.

The very intense nightlife exists in many places and is mainly for foreign tourists but also for all those who still feel very young.

There is, of course, a nightlife for pure Greek tastes mainly in the north of the city, bars for those who love good music, and all kinds of restaurants for gastronomic delights.

On the Kaiser Bridge, for example, there is a restaurant with a seafront.

The tourist infrastructure is one of the best and largest in Greece with 2 to 5-star hotels for every wallet and budget.

There are also plenty of rooms to rent and other accommodation scattered throughout the island.

Wherever you enjoy your holidays in Corfu, there will be something exciting and interesting to see and do, we are sure you will enjoy finding your own favorites!

Although it is not necessary to use a car it is very useful, with so many places to visit you will probably need one.

Diving, Skiing, and Sailing in Corfu

  • Water sports and Paragliding

    Paragliding and Skiing can be found in almost every medium to a large holiday resort.

  • Diving

    Corfu offers spectacular underwater spots ideal for diving, is one of the very few islands with so much to explore under the water.
    There are many diving centers on the island offering equipment and organize safe guided diving in some of the world`s nicest underwater sites.

    Briefly mentioned are:

    Achilleon Diving

    activated in Paleokastritsa and Ermones. See more here

    Dive Easy

    In Acharavi on the North coast. more details

    Calypso Diving Center

    Another diving school in Paleokastritsa, here

    Gouvia Diving

    In Gouvia, more in their website

    Seven Islands Dive

    In Kontokali

    All the above schools and Diving centers can offer or hire you all the necessary equipment.

  • Corfu Mountainbike Shop

    Fabulous Cycling Holidays & Tours for groups and individuals by GIANT, Located in Dassia. For more click here

  • Asprokavos Water sports

    In Kavos, Their yacht can carry comfortably 25 people to Paxos or Sivota. more here

  • Corfu Sea Discovery

    In Paleokastritsa, offers boat trips on a bottomless boat, you can see and enjoy the undersea world.

  • Arena Horse Riding in Roda

    A Horse riding school in Roda Greece, near Karniaris area east of Roda resort. for more click here

  • Nautilus Underwater Experience

    In Paleokastritsa, discover all the underwater wonders of the Ionian Sea on a super modern sea craft, built with a special and bulletproof glass-bottom measuring 2 X 3 meters wide.

  • Captain Homer

    A private boat trip perfect for family’s, friends, or an exclusive adventure tailored to your own personal wishes, we are in Messonghi. more on their website

  • Captain Spyros’ Pirate Ship

    Captain Spyros’ Pirate Ship is a boat trip organizer, located in Gouvia.

  • No Stress Yachting – Sailing Trips in Corfu

  • Asterios Boats and Water sports

    Or else Kaminaki boats and water sports, located In Nissaki at northeast Corfu. more here

  • Agni Boats Hire

    A large selection of speedboats for hire with varying engine sizes to suit your needs, based on Agni in Northeast Corfu. Website

  • Submarine explorations

  • Skydiving and Paragliding

  • Golf Course

    The course at Corfu Golf Club lays a couple of miles from Ermones, on the Ropa Valley, founded and designed back at 1971 by the English architect John Harradine, More on website

  • Surfing, windsurfing, and kite

  • Guided Hiking and Camping

  • Kayak and Canoeing

  • Eco-Tours

    Eco destinations in northern Corfu for hip travelers.

  • Water Ski and Jet Ski

    Almost everywhere on the island

Other Things to See

The Most Beautiful Sunsets in Greece?

Of course in Corfu,  as from any of the west coast viewpoints you will be stunned into silence by the beauty as the sun sinks over the horizon.

Visit the Small Neighboring Islands

Paxos islands

Of course, no one coming to Corfu for a vacation should miss a visit to the island of Paxos, an island that has been described as one of the 20 most beautiful in the world.

There you will also visit and admire the sea caves on the west coast with the turquoise waters, some of the Best of its kind in the Mediterranean

Diapontian islets

Also, with a visit to the Othoni, Ereikousa, and Mathraki islands to the northwest of Corfu, you will discover another quieter and exciting world.

The islet of Vido

There is also the islet of Vido, near and just opposite the old port of the city.

A small, natural paradise of only 540 acres, an island sacred to the Serbs as there is a Serbian mausoleum with the bones of Serbian soldiers of the First World War.

There are many surprises on the island, there are no roads but organized trails for walkers only, there is a restaurant and refreshments, sanitary facilities, a medical office, an organized beach, municipal camps, and the historic restored church of Agios Stefanos.

There is a legend that the island communicates with the Old Fortress through an underwater tunnel built by the Venetians.

We do not know if this is true, but it was possible that the Venetians had this ability since there are underground tunnels connecting the two fortresses of the city, these tunnels are not accessible to the public.

The correct name of the island is the island of Vido and not Vidos as many mistakenly say, and it was named by the name of a former owner, Guido Malipieri, simply Guido paraphrased in Vido.

Whatever your tastes, Corfu is sure not to get bogged down, it is a huge island of interesting and natural beauty that offers locations, opportunities, and infrastructures as well as surprises that cover all tastes.

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