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Flying over Aggelokastro (Angel’s Castle)

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Last updated on May 12th, 2022 at 12:22 pm

This is Aggelokastro or else Angel’s castle, named by its creator at 1214, the Despot of Epirus Duke Michael-Angelos Komnenos the second.

It is next to Paleokastritsa on a really majestic high rock overlooking the whole northwest part of the island.

Remnants of the churches of the Holy Archangels and Agia Kiriaki can be seen from above.
The church of the Archangels was built in 1784 on the site of an older church.
Agia Kiriaki was built inside a small cave and has many 18th century’s paintings.

Aggelokastro saw many sieges but never fell.
In 1537 only 8 soldiers of his guard repelled the attack of the Turks of Barbarossa.
The Turks tried again in 1571 and again failed.


Source of the video is the channel of Cris Servos at youtube

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