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Benitses has some of the best for its food quality and flavors restaurants on Corfu island.

Are you looking for Cheap and Best restaurants? Just remember though: Best and Cheap doesn’t fit together!

In a relatively small piece of the main road in Benitses, someone can count too many restaurants one next to another offering any kind of food, from Traditional Greek to Italian or Chinese.

Restaurants dedicated to Seafood aren`t missing too.

We could say that Benitses today is a culinary paradise with more than 50+ restaurants, snack bars and take away food places!

Of course, in most of the restaurants in Benitses, you will find all the delicious traditional dishes of Corfu.

See here for Corfu cuisine and recipes.

We live in Benitses and know every little secret about the place, so on this page, we present only the Best Restaurants with quality food you can find in Benitses.

The cost for a complete lunch or dinner in most restaurants is about 20€ per person, this is for a good meal with salad and wine or a drink.
Of course, if you want to eat fresh fish or fresh seafood and special delicacies, expect much higher prices.

Anyway, wherever you go they will tell you if the fish is fresh or frozen, wild or from a fish farm, restaurants in Benitses are run by real professionals and honest people and offer everything!

There are also some gyro shops where you can fit your hunger by eating a gyro (pork meat, french fries, sauce, tzatziki, onions, and tomatoes all inside a pita bread) at a very low price of 2-3€, But remember; Gyro is tasty but not the best food, it contains a lot of fats and is made not with the best quality of meat.

Best restaurants in Benitses and Corfu

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