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Corfu Weather Forecast: The Corfu Climate

Last updated on September 17th, 2019 at 04:46 pm

Corfu weather

Corfu climate is generally mild and humid, with plenty of rain and mostly south or southeast winds during the autumn.

Winters are mild with lots of rain which sometimes is getting heavy and stormy while it almost never rains during the hot summertime.

The snow is something unknown except the top of Mount Pantokrator, it has snowed in the lowlands though only around 3 times in the last 50 years.

During the winter winds are generally southeasterly and rains can hold up for many days, the coldest days are the first 20 days of January where temperatures approach zero but rarely fall below it.

Winds then are mostly north or northeast, This season not exceed 10 to 15 days per year and happens usually in January, without prejudice to other months.

During these days the temperature can fall really low and can approach zero, the north winds are weak and accompanied almost always with sunshine so it can not snow, humidity almost disappears and it is the best season of winter.

We have a special name for this season taken from Greek mythology, it is the days of Alkionides.

Summer months are usually hot and dry, at times can get really hot (over 120°F) with waves of heat in July and August but generally temperatures not exceed 90°F

Here are the average lows and hights per month

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Min (°F) 41 45 46 50 56 62 65 67 64 56 52 46
Max (°F) 57 57 62 67 76 83 90 90 80 76 66 58

Here are the average sea temperatures by month

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Temp(°F) 56 57 57 59 64 72 75 77 75 72 66 61

Here is the average precipitation in Corfu

In Corfu rains, a lot but it does during winter months.

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
in mm 96 90 100 70 40 15 10 15 90 70 120 120 836
inches 3.7 3.5 3.9 2.9 1.6 0.6 0.4 0.6 3.5 2.9 4.7 4.7 33
Days 12 12 11 9 6 3 2 3 7 10 14 14 103

Unlike winter never rains during summers and temperatures are high, there are periods of heatwaves, but generally, temperatures are about 5 degrees lower than those in Athens, winds are rare except during August where there are northerly winds that keep journals for 3 days and called Maistro (those are called Meltemia in the Aegean)

The average daily hours of sunshine per month

Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Hours 4 4 4 7 9 12 11 11 9 6 4 4
However the weather in Corfu is quite unpredictable, this is an island very difficult for forecasters, almost any meteorological service can not predict the weather in Corfu, most systems completely fall out in their predictions.

So if you hear that we expect rains, then we probably have more sun, and if the prediction is good, most likely we will have rain.

The old fishermen still more accurate in their forecasts as they know better the local peculiarities.

Corfu Weather forecast

Corfu weather conditions by month

  • Corfu weather in January – How cold is it in Corfu?
    January is the heart of winter, therefore is definitely the coldest month, especially the first 10 to 15 days with temperatures near freezing, at some years it gets under 0°(C) and it may snow on the top of Mount Pantokrator at an altitude of 1000 meters. Also, snow is possible in the interiors of the island. The harsh conditions can continue for the whole month up to February but sometimes the weather change to a nice and dry period with mild north winds and plenty of Sunshine, this happens at the last 10 days of December and is a nice period called small summer or Alkionides days.
  • Corfu weather in February – Is it a cold month?
    Yes, it can get worse than December at times, low temperatures still around freezing and more heavy rains with many dark cloudy days are expected. The days though are getting longer and there is a sense of the coming Spring around.
  • Corfu weather for March in Corfu – It can get worse or even hot
    March still a winter month, it is a strange and unpredictable Month, sometimes cold and rainy worse than February, but sometimes at dry Years can get really hot to a point that resembles June. It is annoying though because the humidity still very high up to 100% at times.
  • Corfu weather in April – Nice and mild in Corfu
    April weather is better, it is the Month that brings the Spring. Rains are rarer and the temperature is rising, also days are longer and the sun takes its place in Corfu`s skies
  • Corfu weather for May – The month that brings the Summer
    May brings the Summer, rains are very rare and temperatures rise. It is a nice pleasant Month for holidaymakers who do not like the extremes of July and the packet high seasons.
  • Corfu weather in June is really hot and dry
    The Summer is here, in June temperatures are high but pleasant, days are long and Corfu is not very busy yet.Sea is pleasantly cool and Sunshine lasts all day long.
  • Corfu weather in July, the heart of Summer
    The heart of Summer and the hottest month of the year is July. It is a Month with long-lasting days and a deadly Sun, temperatures despite the forecaster’s averages can reach up to 140° at times with little to no significant drop at nights. It`s a good month for young holidaymakers and for people who intend to spend their holidays on the beach and in the sea.
  • August Weather is hot and the island is packed with tourists
    The weather in August still very hot and dry with plenty of sunshine, also very warm nights. Temperatures range is of the highest on the Year, max is around 90° at normal conditions but can get as high as 120° at times.
    The sea is very warm. Some winds from the north are called Maistro and they last for 3 days each time, they can get annoying as the sea gets rough and may get cooler. It is the Month with the most tourist on the island, the holidays high season.
  • Corfu weather for September when the first rains fall in Corfu
    September could be identical to August but is less hot and therefore more pleasant, fewer tourists around and the sea`s temperature still the same and even hotter. The only drawback is the first rains especially during the last ten days which can be persistent and can spoil some of your holiday’s plans, but anyway not a big deal.
  • October weather with many sunny and pleasant days
    In October is getting cooler, highs are around 75° and days are much smaller, nights are cool and comfortable. But it still summer conditions with warm days when you can enjoy the sun and the beach, rains are much less than September and Sunshine can last for many days in a row
  • Weather in November the most humid month
    November with sort rainy days and drop in temperatures can be very rainy and stormy and is the precursor of coming Winter. Sometimes we get extreme phenomena like very heavy and torrential rains or even hail, but our records show that these conditions still the same during the last 60 years at least and are normal for this season.
  • Corfu weather in December – The winter is here
    Yes, we have winter in Corfu, with low temperatures, short and dark days with winds and rain and this is December and the following couple of months. It is no surprise though if Christmas season is sunny and mild, it happens too sometimes.


Generally and regardless of season, weather conditions in Corfu depend heavily on the wind’s direction.

When winds come from south or southeast the weather is mild, very very humid and the possibility of rain is great.

If winds are from north, northwest or northeast is cool, dry and almost never rains.

During Winter, eastern winds from the mountains of the Greek mainland bring very low temperatures.

Also consider that in Corfu 90% of the time winds blow from the south.

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