Last updated on October 12th, 2019 at 07:25 am

GasTheo is the administrator of this website.

When, in some other parts of this site, we mention the team, we simply mean one person only.

There is no teamwork behind our site, one person does it all, as when I started ten years ago, even though I tried, it was impossible to find assistants in Benitses cause the vast majority of people didn’t have a clue about the internet power and were indifferent about the prospects for their place that this website could bring.

Now, it is my personal, somehow, website and it is for the island of Corfu as a whole, in the near future it is possible to write about other Greek islands is well.

I have decided to go on and give all my efforts to patiently make it larger and larger and one of the best traveling Greek blogs in the World, an ambitious because the competition in the travel sector is ruthles, difficult but achievable goal as I am very stubborn with endless patience.

I feel like to personally thank all of you, my visitors, as with the continuously huge and increasing numbers you give me strength and determination to continue.

Corfu Greece, October 12, 2019