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Note: Attention Required

We still accept guest posts related to the travel sector only under the following circumstances:

All links within guest posts on our site will be explicitly labeled as sponsored links, unless the linked content is of exceptional quality and genuinely beneficial to our readers, warranting a proper dofollow link.

To receive a response, refrain from sending emails with exaggerated subject lines or weekly reminders, as they will be disregarded.

We only respond to individuals who submit a detailed outline of their proposed content, ideally including a draft of the article.

Guest Post Submission

We invite guest posts only from individual bloggers and travelers eager to contribute their high-quality content to

Please note that we do not accept submissions from link builders, essays, or paid links.

Your guest post could be featured on our website, with traffic directed back to your high-quality website.

A church in Santorini with a sea view
A church in Santorini with a sea view

Submission Guidelines

  1. Content must focus on Corfu, Greece, and the Greek islands. General travel posts may be accepted exceptionally.
  2. Posts should provide valuable information to our visitors and maintain high quality.
  3. Clear advice and practical tips for holidaymakers in Greece are encouraged.
  4. Information and facts provided must be accurate, real, and analyzed in depth.
  5. Blog posts should range from 1000 to 2500 words, with 2000 words as the ideal length.
  6. Avoid using spin articles, copy/paste techniques, or AI-generated content.
  7. Each story must be original and unpublished elsewhere.
  8. Write in a storyteller style, your post must be easy to understand and entertaining.
  9. Media files, such as up to 10 photos or videos, are mandatory because they enhance value.
  10. Write in short sentences and use headings.
  11. English or Greek are acceptable languages; translation to English, Greek, and German is possible.
  12. One link to a related, quality website with decent traffic is permitted. Affiliate links will be marked as sponsored.
  13. An author bio is accepted and positioned at the end of the post with a photo if available. All links in the bio will be nofollow.

Submission Tips

We never charge for posting, so please refrain from asking us for paid links or sponsored post prices, as this will result in rejection.  Avoid discussing topics related to casinos, gambling, or CBD, as they are not accepted.

Instead: Take action by writing your post and submitting it, Please show what article you will link your post to, this is the most important! These factors are crucial for consideration.

Although there are risks involved this way, if you explore our guest posts you see that all guest posts are indexed and never erased, with permanent backlinks for years, so there is nothing to risk with us as we respect every collaborator.

Just submit your post as an email attachment. Photos and(or) videos are mandatory. To significantly increase your chances of acceptance include at least 8-10 photos that belong to you or include proper credits.

Review & Moderation

All submissions are subject to review and may be accepted or rejected based on quality and adherence to guidelines.

We reserve the right to edit or rewrite sections of articles to fit our standards. Needless to note the content must be unique and not republished anywhere!

If the post is rejected will be deleted for good.

How To Submit

To avoid spam, We do not have a guest post submission form. However, you can email your post to, including “Guest Blogging” in the subject line.

Provide multiple content ideas in your email to increase your chances of acceptance. Submit your article in MS Word format, along with the accompanying photos.

For further inquiries, contact us, but please refrain from repeating information already provided on this page.

If you don’t hear from us because your post doesn’t meet our criteria, please do not reply with reminders.

Moments in Greece
Moments in Greece

We look forward to welcoming you as a writer, provided you have thoroughly read and understood the guidelines outlined above.