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Submit a Guest Post to AtCorfu.com

We are accepting guest posts and we welcome any individual bloggers which can contribute with their high-quality content to AtCorfu.com website.

We’d love to publish your guest post on our site and give a backlink and traffic to yours.

A church in Santorini with sea view
A church in Santorini with sea view

You can submit your unique/original article for consideration. This should not be published previously anywhere else, including your own site. With content based on your traveling experience or other expertise. We will review it and if it is following our submission guidelines then we will publish it.

We are a travel blog, therefore, we will accept posts about subjects around traveling. And especially about Corfu, or Greece, or other Greek islands.

We are mostly interested in articles about Corfu, Santorini, Crete, Kefallonia, Zante, Mykonos. Plus other subjects about tourism in Greece and the Greek islands.

In a nutshell, we are looking for killer posts that have the potential to rank high. We’ll not accept posts that look flat or very generic, without useful information.

Moments in Greece
Moments in Greece

Before Submitting your article please read carefully our article guidelines below.

Guest Post Guidelines

  • Write only about Corfu, Greece and Greek islands. General traveling posts may be accepted in rare cases! 
  • Your Post must add valuable info for the visitors, it must be of high quality.
  • Your writing must offer clear advice and practical how-to tips for holidaymakers in Greece.
  • Provided info and facts must be real, correct, and analyzed in depth.
  • Blog posts must be at least 1000 up to 2500 words long, the more the better.
  • Do not try to fool us by using the spun article or copy/paste techniques.
  • Every story must be original and should not have been published elsewhere.
  • Media files are not mandatory, but they add value. You can include 10 photos at most, videos are welcome too.
  • Write in short sentences and use headings.
  • Write either in English or Greek, if appropriate it will be published in English, Greek, and German.
  • You can add one link to your website, affiliate links will be removed.
  • Author Bio is not mandatory but if there is present, it should be in the first 2-3 sentences or in the end, with an email address and Twitter profile link(if exists).

Note: If you can’t meet the above guidelines(especially the top 7) better not to waste your time writing something that will be rejected. Please understand, We want to retain and improve our site’s value and authority!

What do you earn from our Website?

Obviously, by writing for us you earn 1 backlink to your site from Corfu’s largest travel blog.

Plus the opportunity to get your work seen by thousands of people. The visitors to our website and our social media profiles, potential visitors to your site is well.

Review & Moderation

We will review your post and if it meets our requirements and quality standards it will be published. We reserve the right to accept or reject any submission.

Before you think of something to write please have a look at our blog. Search if an article with your idea already exists, also you get a glimpse of the way we write and what we are looking for.

If your writing skills are not sufficient please don’t even try to submit. Your submission will be rejected as many others already.

Please note that we reserve the right to edit or rewrite sections of your article if they are not following our guidelines and only if its possible to be corrected.

How To Submit your Post

As you noticed, we don’t have a guest post submission form, we try to avoid spammers.

Feel free to send us your post using our emails. It will be reviewed and if it meets our quality standards it will be published.

We like to cooperate with serious bloggers or skillful writers. Which doesn’t mind taking some extra time to investigate and provide killer posts that will make the difference? This is the only way for a win-win situation, for us and the guest blogger.

In a nutshell, we prefer 10 good posts per year rather than thousands of rubish which, of course, we will not accept.

You can submit your content idea/article/sample by email it to webmaster@atcorfu.com
and don’t forget to include “Guest blogging” on the email subject.

Before you start, feel free to pitch a few different ideas on your email. So we can have a few subjects to choose from.

Write your article and include your photos in MS Word format(preferred)!

Email me if you have further questions at webmaster@atcorfu.com

We are excited to welcome you as a writer!