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Welcome to Corfu travel guide,, a site dedicated to the beautiful island of Corfu, created with the sole purpose the promotion of the great potentials of our land, promoting in an objective way all the positive elements of our culture, traditions, and tourist infustructure, and to include as many businesses operating in Corfu is possible, especially on the tourist sector.

We want to give a very revealed image of our place to the world, we want to make people feel comfortable and friendly before even visiting the place, to convince them visit our island and discover our many years lasting famous hospitality, to give through our pages so many information so they will feel comfortable and familiar when they arrive.

We invite you to support this effort and simultaneously help your businesses, the hotels, restaurants, shops, rooms and apartments that you operate, car rental and motorcycle lease, tourist offices and any other general store which is operating anywhere in Corfu.

We invite you to add your business in our guide, the more the better, to show everything you offer to your potential customers, to a vast audience, the global internet audience, to the thousands daily visitors to our site.

If you are a businessman or a professional

We offer two options for listing on our directory.

Pomotion with a Banner

A small Banner 250X250 pixels in which will be your title, address, subject of occupation and anything else can fit in, all these in a background with a photo,

The cost of this Banner is the symbolic amount of 20 € per year.

Your own page inside our guide

The second option is an entire page within our guide with everything you like, texts, addresses, photos, slideshow, and even Video, without size restriction, configured the way you want.

This page costs 50€ per year.

Both options in 3 languages, Greek, English and German.

Email us at:
We try our best to respond to all applicants within 1 business day.

If you have a website or a blog

If you feel that the information provided by our website is useful enough, a link to our website would be greatly appreciated! to either home page or to any of our internal pages that you think best suits your site`s niche and will be useful to your visitors.

We do not indicate the type of code that will be used, it is your own choice.

If you are a traveller

If you plan to visit Corfu, you can book your accommodation through our website.

On every hotel`s or apartment`s page there is a link that leeds to a site where you can make your reservation either for this hotel or for any other available.

There is also a search form for hotels and apartments on almost every page.

Our website soon will have it`s own booking system, but until then we cooperate with, the largest and most reliable online booking company.

So you can make any reservation with confidence, we simply redirect you there and have no further intervation with the transaction.

By redirecting you to we receive a small percentage, necessary for the maintenance of our website, of course there is absolutely no extra charge for you.

If you are a visitor to our site

Nothing can help a website more than the visitors.

We respect all visitors and consider them valuable, they are the reason we exist as a website, trying to be useful to people.

The more time each visitor remain connected and the more pages of the website reads, the value of the site rises, this means beter positions in search engine`s results, which in turn will bring more visitors.

Actually, websites need their loyal visitors more than anything else.