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News and New Content Added

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Last updated on January 12th, 2022 at 11:38 pm

This is what we did back in 2011? looks like it was centuries ago in another word…We keep the post for archive purposes only.

In this page, there will be direct information about any change or new content added to our website.

Remnants of a Roman villa with baths at Kapsokavadis family land, right at the centre of Benitses village

New page with more old photos from Benitses, the 7th group, in section Gallery – Benitses old photographs – G

2 New pages with old photos from Benitses, one about San Stefano estate in section History San Stefano estate of 1900 with photos and the other in section History Corfu of 1900 in photos

Benitses old photographs of the 1950 – showing the fishing boats of the 50s, celebrities who had visited the place in the past and unique landscapes
April 2012

Many changes and spelling corrections on all English pages
The ability to change themes was removed due to some incompatibility issues with some browsers.

Changes in the navigation menu, the menu “News” integrated into the “Information” menu, and some changes made in the menu for links, all these purely for technical reasons.

New page with wallpapers from the beach of Laopetra, shots taken in the dawn of an August day, the page is Benitses wallpapers

New page with details about what one can see and do during their holiday in Corfu, the page is Holidays in Corfu

New details and info were added in the page for History of Corfu

We add in the site the ability to change theme, this adapts the look and feel of the page to the personal taste of each visitor individually, each user can choose between 6 different themes – styles, the change can be done from any page with a small dropdown menu at the end of each page and remains the same for the rest of the pages if cookies are enabled in the browser.
the default theme is “Sunrise”

The collection of the old Benitses photos separated into 6 groups with 50 photos in each group-page, this happened for speed improvement.
also 70 new old photos of Benitses were added in the page “Benitses old photos – group F”, this way the total number of photos increased to 300.

more old photos in menu “Gallery” –> “Benitses old photos – group B”

Significant changes in our site`s structure and look, 8 additional pages added one for each section and some changes on navigation.

the page “Culture” –> “Corfu events” was split into two new pages, “Corfu events” and “Easter in Corfu”

new page at: “Home” –> “Corfu” dedicated to Corfu town and Corfu island in general.

New page at “Gallery” –> “Greece of 1900 in photos” that includes photos taken at the beginning of 20th century by the Swiss photographer Fred Boissonnas.

on page: “Home” –> “Benitses” new moving a panoramic picture of Benitses port was added.

more text on the home page for a better description for our website

The map of Corfu island is changed and the map of Benitses is upgraded.

at “Sights” –> “Benitses today” we see Benitses of 1940 to interchanges with the village of today.

A new page in the menu “Gallery” added with the title: “Benitses old photographs” “where there will be only old photos, there have been added about 40 more, unpublished historical photographs collected recently.

Changes to the name of “old and new photos” page in the menu “Gallery” with the new title “Benitses photos and maps” where the old photos have been removed and there will be only new photos, maps, and videos from Benitses.

New page added in the menu “News” entitled “Changes and new content”

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News and New Content Added


This is what we did back in 2011? looks like it was centuries ago in another word…We keep the post for archive purposes only… Read More

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