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For every hotel or apartment booking made through our website, We get a small fee.

Does this in any way change or affect the rate You pay when You book a hotel?

Absolutely not. You’ll pay the exact same rate whether you book from here or book from a booking.com site.

This helps us to maintain our website.

Please, bear in mind that each fee is small and therefore earnings are very limited.

In 2020 with the huge downturn in travel due to the Covid pandemic, our profit was close to zero, it was catastrophic!

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FAQ About Bookings

Of course, you are here because you have some questions or concerns about the way this affiliate relationship between Us and Booking.com works. Αnd we are here to answer all of your questions with absolute sincerity.

How does it work and how much do you pay?

Every hotel link from our site to Booking.com is an affiliate link. This means that we receive a small (but fluctuating) fee when a reader reserves a hotel room.

For each individual reservation, We receive a small fee, which varies according to the days of staying and the total price.

Does this in any way change the hotels you review and recommend?

Absolutely no. That’s the beauty of the whole thing. As long as we deliver helpful information to our readers (that keeps them coming back) it doesn’t matter what hotels we recommend. Any booking at any hotel counts as a booking, so we just need to be helpful and honest and the rest takes care of itself.

Does it matter what hotel I book?

No, no, no, as long as you click at any hotel link on our site to Booking.com your reservation will count towards an affiliate booking. For example, you could click on a hotel link on the Greece page, but then search the Booking.com site for hotels in Paris or anywhere in the world and book a completely different hotel. It will still be a valid affiliate booking and contribute to our site.

Do we make money from each booking?

Yes. This is a travel profit site and we need the money to run it. We also have to pay salaries to our co-workers and freelance travel writers, plus the cost of the servers used. All these have to be paid from the affiliate earnings.

Why book through your site?

To help us maintain it, and you can do it so easily without giving an extra dime.

Do you really use Booking.com when reserving hotels?

Yes. We honestly think it’s the best site for booking hotels.

It usually has the best rates (not every time, but most of the time) and is easy to use. We especially like the calendar feature that shows where you’ll be staying every night of your trip as you book hotels.

A very important fact is that the reader-reviews come from verified guests only, which makes them much more trustworthy than reviews on Tripadvisor or any other travel site.

A beach in Greece
A beach in Greece

We hope that we answered most of your questions, but if you still need more information don’t hesitate to contact us and ask anything in this email [email protected], we will be delighted to assist you more.

Thank you for your warm support!