Panorama with Photos and Landscapes from Greece of 1900 – 1930

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Here are some elder Greek pictures from 1900 to 1930, photos from the period before the first world war.

Even more old photos

Greece of 1900 – 1930 with More Old Photos

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More old photos from Greece of 1903-1930, photos by Fred Boissonnas that show a quiet and different world.
All photos are in high resolution, open them in a new tab to see them in large size.

Alexa Toolbar: What It Is and Why It’s Unreliable?

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What is Alexa?


Alexa is a global ranking system that compiles a list of the most popular websites utilizing web traffic data. This is the Alexa Rank.

To collect the data it uses a toolbar, the Alexa toolbar.

But lately, Amazon, the company that developed Alexa, claims that they use more tools and sources to achieve this.

Alexa, thus, is a global ranking system. The lower the Alexa rank number, the more popular the website is.

Alexa supposes to show how each site ranks on the web compared to the rest of the websites. Depending on how many visitors it receives in conjunction with the pages of the site that each visitor sees and the time spent on the site.

It is a compare tool rather than a web traffic tool.

The ratio of Alexa ranking is not the number of visits, but a combination of different quality traffic characteristics. It doesn’t show the traffic for any website but is particularly useful to compare two or more sites.

The Alexa number shows the standing for each site compared with the rest. A smaller number means higher position, with number one to be at the top. While new and unknown sites with little to no traffic rank at several million or are not ranked.

An Alexa rank of 10.000, for instance, means that the site is 10,000th in the world and so has many more visitors than a site that ranks at 1,000,000.

Alexa data and rankings updated daily.

Needless to say that Google stands at number 1 and Facebook at number 2, and this still going on unchanged for years.

Some more estimations about possible traffic. If a site has an Alexa number inside a few million that means it gets no more than 10-15 visitors per day. If it is around one million then its traffic is estimated to be around 100 visits per day. While if it is less than 500,000 it receives around 1,000 daily visits.

Numbers below 100,000 can be a sign, although not accurate, of high traffic of several thousand users per day.

If you care about such important details of the websites you visit, then you have to install the Alexa toolbar extension into your browser. it is recommended to use either chrome or firefox.

Alexa toolbar installation is easy. You can download it from their website (Alexa toolbar download) and follow the instructions.

The toolbar claims that offer more features as well. Such as protection from pop-up windows, extra info about the site, page history, page’s earlier versions, and other features.

It is not spyware as some people think. It collects data from many sources so it can provide some data about traffic statistics. It doesn’t collect or use personal data.

All this would be nice and useful if it were true

But the truth is that the numbers provided by this system are unreliable, away from reality.

Except for the very large websites, where statistics are more accurate, the rest of the system is almost a failure.

We have seen this over and over again during the last few years. By comparing the real stats of websites and cross-referencing data from other webmasters too.

We found websites with few visitors at the top 500,000 or 100,000. and on the contrary, websites with thousands of visits to rank very low under the million spot.

There are hundreds of such examples that prove what we are saying.

Even after so many years, it is the nature of this system that makes it unable to approach the depiction of internet reality. This makes it completely useless, and thus unfair.

Many advertisers still use it to choose between websites for their advertising campaigns. Unfortunately, that’s a huge mistake.

Every serious SEO should know this weakness and not take Alexa into consideration.

So, to the question: what should I do to improve the ranking of my website at Alexa? The answer is simple, do nothing, and if you want to avoid being misled forget about Alexa.

But why Alexa is unreliable?

So the question arises: How come that a web-based ranking system been in place since 1998 and developed by a large company like Amazon is so unreliable?

Alexa claims that they collect their data from thousands of different toolbars and other sources. But we do not think that this is true!

Regardless of what they claim, this system seems to be based only on the statistics collected by their own toolbar.

And it is well known that very few internet users use this toolbox. For the sake of accuracy, a very small percentage who are mostly advertisers or webmasters use it. While the others avoid it and the overwhelming majority seems to never even heard of it altogether.

It’s obvious that, if a website due to its niche has visits from technicians and SEO experts, it will very likely have a very good place in the rankings. It can be in the top 100.000 even if it does not receive more than 40 -50 visits a day.

On the contrary, a tourist site visited by thousands who do not have the toolbar can rank very low in the millions.

But the Alexa system is also useless because it can be easily manipulated or altered.

At a very low cost, one can decrease this number by paying for fake visits with the toolbar enabled. At least this happened a couple of years ago!

Also, one or two people using the toolbar and visiting the same site several times daily can affect the results.

We did it on another website a few years ago and we managed to get a very low traffic website at 100,000th spot!!!

No serious webmaster will ever participate in such stupid practices. Thus jeopardizing its prestige and good positions in google results that bring quality traffic.

So Alexa’s system is perforated and manipulated easily. Therefore it’s completely unreliable, the best thing to do is to IGNORE IT!

Update 2020, Alexa is Reliable for the Top 100,000 Websites

This article was written in 2015, and it is likely that after 5 years many of the above will not apply.

Meanwhile, many improvements have been made to the algorithm. Also, many data are collected from other sources and are not based solely on the toolbar. As a result, the statistics are now based on broader observations and are much closer to reality.

Especially for websites that are in the top 100,000, algorithms, and methods that can’t go wrong are now used. The statistics of these top pages are now quite accurate.

So Alexa as a comparison tool is almost the most accurate available and serves the purpose for which it was made. It’s much more difficult now to manipulate as it was in the past.

The conclusion is that Alexa ranking today is a useful tool, especially for sites ranking on the top 100k

Benitses Corfu mountain trail-2014

Corfu Mountain Trail 2014

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Corfu mountain trail
Corfu mountain trail

Update: Corfu Mountain Trail in Benitses has been abandoned since 2015, this post has only historical value.

3rd CORFU MOUNTAIN TRAIL was successfully held today 2-2-2014

Despite the cold and rainy weather this year’s 3rd CORFU MOUNTAIN TRAIL in Benitses had great success.

The starting time was at 8 AM as scheduled for both routes of 17 and 37 km respectively.
Volunteers and organizers gave their best and everything worked flawlessly, with the participation of 293 athletes from all over Greece that exceeded all expectations and despite the rain and cold, a large number of people were at the starting point during the whole event.

As athletes said the path was difficult and slippery, also the rain made conditions difficult but also the beautiful mountain scenery more spectacular, something that helped almost all athletes to finish normally, only three of them did not make it.

We wish and hope that next year the event will have even greater success and more participants.

«CORFU MOUNTAIN TRAIL» – How it started

Two years ago some Corfiots in sport conceived the idea of a race that would fit in the diverse landscape of Corfu and at the same time would be quite difficult to attract participation from all over Greece and slowly established itself as a major race event among many others already conducted throughout the country.

What more appropriate than the very beautiful verdant landscape of Corfu and particularly that of the central mountainous region of the island.

So some people thought that a race run in this mountainous terrain would have great response and success but also a large degree of difficulty enough to attract big names and become nationally and internationally known.

The area in and around Benitses was considered as the most suitable, indeed Benitses as a tourist center that has the ability to host an unlimited number of athletes and escorts also have the infrastructure and large open spaces suitable for starting, stopping and install of technical infrastructure for full monitoring and control of the entire route.
Also, the constant population growth in recent years makes Benitses a small town rather than a village, infrastructure and the position of Benitses also help furthermore.

The route from Benitses to the surrounding villages is large enough to hold two races, a 17 km route and a route of 37 kilometers, both within an area of outstanding natural beauty, full of olive groves, these races will help to highlight the natural environment of the exceptional beauty of this part of our island.

If you combine the fact that the long race is slightly smaller than a marathon as well that this is done on mountain trails with steep slopes and many alternations are easily perceived that the degree of difficulty is greater than a marathon.

So in the winter of 2011 held the first race with sufficient success, resulting in the continuation of the second race running in mountainous terrain in February 2013 under the name «CORFU MOUNTAIN TRAIL 2013» with even greater success and appearances.

The race has now become known nationwide and this year was organized and held on Sunday, 2 February 2014 the 3rd mountainous terrain race run under the name «CORFU MOUNTAIN TRAIL 2014».

The race was organized by the «CORFU MOUNTAIN TRAIL» and held in the standard path on the geographic unit designated by the villages of Benitses, Gastouri, Agioi Deka, Kato Garouna and Stavros.

As the time limit for completion of the 17km race is the time of four (4 ) hours and a time limit for completion of the 37 km race is the time of eight (8 ) hours.

Valid athletes are those who finish within the time limit.
The elevation difference of long-stroke (RAIN TRAIL) is 2020 meters and the small (OLIVE TREE TRAIL) is 1000 meters.


Men and women over the age of 18 have the right to participate in the race. The age of 18 must be fulfilled at the date of the race. Athletes under the age of 18 are allowed to participate only with an affirmation signed by the parent or guardian.

The sports event consists of three parts:

MOUNTAIN TRAIL RUNNING RACE with two optional routes: OLIVE TREE TRAIL (17km) & RAIN TRAIL (37km)
HIKING ROUTE with a length of 5 km
KIDS RACE 1000 meters at the square of Benitses, for pupils of Elementary School. There will be two categories: Girls up to 12 years old and boys up to 12, born after 2002. The Kids Race is sponsored by the Corfiot Gym Association and the TE Segas.
NOTE: Because of the bad weather This year`s children’s race was postponed until next Sunday and will be held in the town of Corfu, specifically in the position of the Esplanade square.


The cost to participate in the race of 37 km is € 30 and 17 km is € 20.
More information on what the package includes, ie participation as commemorative medals, electronic timing, security, catering, seminars from coaches before the match, rehabilitation massage, meals, gifts, etc.

Regarding the accommodation of athletes and escorts, accommodation have been secured in Benitses, the price will be low and will vary each year depending, see details on the organization`s site.


1) Men (18-40) born from 01.01.1974 to 02.02.1996,
2)Men Veteran (41-55) born 1959-1973 and 55 and over (1958 +)
3)Women (18-40) born from 1996 to 1974,
4)Women Veteran (41 +) 1973 +


The first place of each category and each track will get a cup and a medal. Second and third place will receive a medal. All athletes who finish within the time limit receive a memorial medal and a participation diploma.


It is recommended to all athletes to have a flask to supply with water from the provision points and therefore have hydration autonomy, a raincoat in case of rain, and a cell phone.

Corfu Easter 2017
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Easter for the Orthodox church this year is a little early, on April 16th, so the Sunday of Thomas is on April 9th and the other holidays are on Friday 14th and the second day... Read More

Holy Week Photos and Events
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Celebrations and events in Corfu for Easter are unique, and attract visitors from other parts of Greece who mingle with local people and foreign tourists watching the processions, taking part in the services, and enjoying all... Read More

Benitses Ex Workers Reunion 2014

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Benitses workers Reunion June 21st 2014

21st of June, the reunion of reunions? we work to make it so

Are ya coming to the reunion of reunions?
Open to all ex Benitses workers and reps from any era.
Meet up with old friends, workmates (and conquests) from the best time of our lives in the place we all hold close to our hearts.

Reunion 2013 was absolutely brilliant. 2014 is gonna be HUGE!!

Open to all ex Benitses workers and reps from any era.

The chance to re-visit and re-live the best days of our lives, with old friends and in the resort that we all love.

The facebook group for this reunion is here:

U re welcome to join the group and find details and info on how to joint the real event too, u are welcome to the big Reunion in Benitses.

The announcement by one of the organizer’s Chris Alexander:

Well, It’s official, the reunion festivities will start on June 21st! I hope you are all starting to get excited. Lots of people have booked their flights so all you out there who haven’t and want to come, get on and book it!
So the planned itinerary is as follows:
Saturday 21st June is Reunion party night at the Stadium, dress code; your Benitses worker’s uniforms/T-shirts
Sunday 22nd June 3 till 6 pm hangover pool party at the stadium pool where the bar will be open and lots of pool games!
Other events for those stopping for a week or more;
A day trip on mass to Marathias beach for more laughs.
Night yet to be arranged but Linda Hutton has kindly agreed to host a BBQ at hers with us all chipping in to share the cost.
Thursday 19th June there are World Cup qualifying games, England at 10 pm and Greece at 1 am (Greek time). Dress code: England T-shirts and flags AND togas so bring a bedsheet!
Most importantly spend time catching up and reminiscing with all your friends, and places that mean so much to you when you worked there.
Please feel free to suggest any other events on here but we are sure that when we are all together the ideas will flow and as happened last year spontaneous piss ups will occur day and night!
Ps to all the ’80s and 90’s DJ’s that are coming can you let me know if you want to do a set on the reunion night for old times sake and a laugh.

Below are some pics from last year`s meeting (July 2013)

FC Iraklis Agioi Deka – FC Benitses
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An episodic Derby became today at the small stadium of Agioi Deka, from one side the experience and strong football team of Benitses and the other the young and very fast team of the spectators…... Read More

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