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Last updated on February 14th, 2021 at 09:04 pm

Advertise your Corfu business to thousands of potential visitors – Help your island

Welcome to Corfu travel guide,

It is a site dedicated to the beautiful island of Corfu, created with the sole purpose the promotion of the great potentials of our land, promoting in an objective way all the positive elements of both in the culture, traditions, and tourist infrastructure, and if possible to include as many businesses operating in Corfu, especially in the tourism sector.
We want to give to the world a very revealed image of our place, we want to make them feel comfortable and friendly before even visiting the place, to make them visit our island and discover our many years lasting famous hospitality, to give them through our pages so much information so they will feel comfortable and familiar when they arrive.

This page is addressed as you understand to you, the traders of Corfu, we invite you to support this effort and simultaneously helping your businesses.
The hotels, restaurants, shops, rooms, and apartments that you have, car rental and motorcycle lease, tourist offices and any other general store there which is active in the tourism sector directly or indirectly.

We invite you to add your business in our guide, the more the better, to show everything you offer for so many years to your customers, to a vast audience, the global internet audience, to the thousands of daily visitors to our site, help your place so it will help you back.

It is very easy, contact us or call us, in a few hours we can register any company, we can fill the appropriate page with any information you want to show, anything useful with text, photos, video or whatever else you may think.

Help us to promote Corfu to the world as the ideal holiday destination, we are waiting for your response…

Υou may use any of the following emails:

Thank you
The Team

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